Saturday, June 22, 2013

$1 EBOOKS! All the most popular and best-selling books out there!

Hey there, everyone! So, I've been needing a way to make some small cash not just to afford giveaways, but also to have some spending money when I go to Scotland next month and so I can get some supplies ready for college in September. I've recently went into the ebook selling business! All books are $1, unless you're purchasing from a series than they are $0.50 each as long as you buy ATLEAST two of the books from that series. I've got almost everything from the Divergent series to the Infernal Devices trilogy to many of the most popular authors! I just made a Facebook page for this small business a couple days ago. I've sold about 50 books so far and have had no complaints. It's a very simple process. You look through my Inventory album (which doesn't have even close to as many books as I actually have) or ask me if I have something, and then you pick which cover you'd like for it and I email it to you in the format you prefer. I take payment via PayPal. No taxes, no processing fees, just $1!

Also, if you purchase a book from me, you can enter for extra entries in my giveaway!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GIVEAWAY!..because I love you. (:

Hey there! I just wanted to apologize for not being active lately. I also want to show my appreciation to all of my followers that haven't unfollowed me because of my inactivity. So, here's a giveaway as both an apology and appreciation to you all!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"172 Hours on the Moon"-Johan Harstad (REVIEW!)

172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad. Published by ATOM on April 5th, 2012. My rating: 5/5 Stars

It's been decades since anyone set foot on the moon. Now three ordinary teenagers, the winners of NASA's unprecedented, worldwide lottery, are about to become the first young people in space--and change their lives forever. Mia, from Norway, hopes this will be her punk band's ticket to fame and fortune. Midori believes it's her way out of her restrained life in Japan. Antoine, from France, just wants to get as far away from his ex-girlfriend as possible.
It's the opportunity of a lifetime, but little do the teenagers know that something sinister is waiting for them on the desolate surface of the moon. And in the black vacuum of space... no one is coming to save them.
In this chilling adventure set in the most brutal landscape known to man, highly acclaimed Norwegian novelist Johan Harstad creates a vivid and frightening world of possibilities we can only hope never come true.

This book simply blew my mind! Before I get into my review, I would just like to thank the author, Johan Harstad, for developing such an amazing story line. The plot is absolutely, as stated before, mind-blowing! The imagery, the settings, the characters: OMG! Alright, I really need to stop fangirling over this book. It was SO good, you guys! We follow 3 teenagers who've won NASA's international lottery for a week long trip to the moon in the year 2019. They all have different reasons for going, but when they get there, they realize that they shouldn't have come at all. They're not alone. Something absolutely sinister is wondering the surface of the moon and they can't exactly explain it. Some things I love about this book: 1) The fact that, for the most part, it's realistic (aside from the creepiness on the moon). 2) The characters are very easily like-able. 3) You will most likely NEVER predict the ending. No matter how good you think you are at predicting books, try again sweetheart. This novel will blow you away. I can't really say much more without fangirling about this book. Nobody has truly lived until they have read this book. It's an absolute MUST-READ!

Sorry I've been gone for so long!

Hey ya'll! I'm SO SORRY I've been gone all this time. I've been so absorbed in finals and graduation, and getting enrolled in college. Also, I'm going to Edinburgh, Scotland with my theatre group this summer to perform in the Fringe Festival (we're performing ZOMBIE PROM the musical!) and it costs a whopping $6,000 for each of us to go! I'm $1000.09 behind. So, I'm working very hard on fundraising and selling ad space to businesses in show programs and what not. I've barely read this whole time. According to Goodreads, I'm 22 books behind! OH BOY! So, during my down time, I'm reading and trying to catch up on reviews. I'm sure I've upset some publishers and authors, but LIFE COMES FIRST! I promise, I will get to reviewing your books! Please be patient with me. Sooo, on the 8th of this month, I graduated high school!!

That's me on the right. (:

So yeah! I made it, finally! Now, before I have to start on my college reading list, I will be catching up on my TBR!