Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Quarantined by J.O. Osbourne

Title: Quarantined
Author: J.O. Osbourne
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 120
Source: Amazon
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

The zombie apocalypse has begun in Kentucky and has been spread across the entire Eastern Standard quarter of the United States. College students Mandy, Mike, and Jack have to escape the epidemic with a teenager in tow, but what happens when one of them joins the undead?
The rubber-men are walking up and down the medical room, gathering the data the now dead doctors and nurses had compiled. They didn't see as the nurse stood on trembling legs and approached them.
Sensing the faint twinge of life that still hummed within me, several of the dead bore down upon me, mouths wide open to tear at my skin. My slowing heart flutters in my chest. I was right, I want to shout. I never lied; I was right all along!

My Review 

Every now and then, I go on Amazon and look at what free books are available to download to my Kindle app. This was on of them. Although at the moment there isn't a picture available on Goodreads, the picture on Amazon is what gripped me.

This was a VERY short read. In my opinion, it has to be the best short story I've read to date. This story starts out with a girl named Kit who has been having dreams about a specific, unknown illness that causes humans to start deteriorating and eventually die only to get up and start walking among the living once again. Her dreams turn out to have been a prediction. The story continues in New York with four main characters that have no idea about this illness until they experience it first hand. On a journey to Illinois to escape the epidemic yet find the source of it all, the truth is uncovered.

My emotions were all over the place with this story! I just..I can't even tell you how I feel trying to write this review. The story wasn't scary at all, but I don't think the author was shooting for horror. It was an emotional ride, for sure. I'm sure once you start reading this, you'll know and understand that some characters that you've grown to love will die. The way the deaths are portrayed through the words, though, just kills me. Almost literally. It's so sad! I won't say I cried reading this, but I will admit that I teared up. It gave me a whole new perspective on zombies

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