Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: "Letting Ana Go" by Anonymous

Letting Ana Go by Anonymous. Expected to be Published by Simon Pulse on June 4, 2013. 256 pages (hardcover). Source: Edelweiss (for review). My Rating: 5/5 Stars.

 In the tradition of Go Ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky, a harrowing account of anorexia and addiction.She was a good girl from a good family, with everything she could want or need. But below the surface, she felt like she could never be good enough. Like she could never live up to the expectations that surrounded her. Like she couldn’t do anything to make a change.

My Review 

This book was amazing. It took me deeper into the world of anorexia. I know people who have suffered from eating disorders, myself being one of them, but never really knew what went through the mind of a person suffering with anorexia. Ana keeps a food diary given to her by her cross country coach and tracks her weight and the day's events. At the beginning, you see her weight stay within a 5 pound range, between 130 and 135, which is healthy for a girl of her height (5'7"). Through the story, she gains a love interest and teams up with her best friend, Jill, in restricting their calories. They become obsessed with exercise, low calorie budgets, and weighing themselves every day.

While reading "Letting Ana Go", I was exposed to the wonders of hip bones, thigh gaps, and rib cages. Apparently you can only be beautiful if you have all of these characteristics present. That's what Ana and Jill had themselves believing.

I feel that this is a must read for everyone, not just teen girls. Parents should especially read it. They need to know that to many girls, looks are everything and they will go to great lengths to achieve the ultimate body. This book is a sure tear jerker. It took me on a ride. I absolutely loved everything about it.

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  1. Yowza! This book sounds intense plus there's a lot of stereotype ideas surrounding this disease. It should help put perspective on those.