Sunday, February 3, 2013

Does anybody know a great site that I can sell my books on?

Just my everyday awesome books (mostly YA).
I don't want to go through Ebay or Amazon.
I prefer to deal with a website that will offer me free shipping.
Most sites I have found are just for text books.
Can anybody help me out?


  1. The best one I have ever used it

    It will show you the best price of book buying sites. Most of them will offer free shipping.

    The vendors I have had the best experience with is:
    CKY Books
    Powell's Books

  2. You could sell them on your blog - I've seen that plenty of times :) I'm trying to remember who specifically I have seen do it because I've purchased a few books from a blogger that way.

  3. All I know about is Amazon but when you find one please let me know ;D

  4. is good. However, if you're just looking to get rid of them rather than concerned about the emoney, Better World Books is a great site for donating. They're really bog in social and environmental responsibility and they help fund some great literacy projects.

  5. You can always try You won't make any money but it gives you a chance of getting book you might want.

  6. Do you have a local used bookstore? They usually offer back credit or cash and then you don't have to deal with shipping. So nice!

    I'm going to organize a Book Swap Hop soon on my blog. I'd like anyone who wants to participate to picture or list their paperbacks - what they have - with a list of what they WANT. Then readers can jump around and see if they can arrange a good trade. I'm going to keep it within the US bc of shipping. They offer that nice media rate for a couple bucks you just have to make sure to ask. They told me at the post office that they won't offer it anymore unless you specifically request it. Okay, then.