Saturday, March 2, 2013

WTF is this??!

Can somebody PLEASE explain the atrocity of this to me??


  1. This happens all the time. It's usually because two designers will buy the same stock image. I've found quite a few of them myself. You can see the ones I've found here and here.

  2. Yeah... There's a whole list on Cover Couples in GR. I was really surprised when I found it but here you go...

  3. lol, yea like the others said, I've found it to be quite normal as well. I discovered that authors don't usually get customs covers. They buy a stock photo and change it up to reflect the book because it's a lot cheaper than a custom cover. They don't own the stock image so anybody can use it.

  4. It happens more than you would think :)
    I don't know why but it does. Like the others said it's probably because they bought the same picture!
    It funny though.


    & INT-Giveaway

  5. Lol I had the same reaction as you, until I read these comments. Makes sense, though. Especially with the surge of self-publishing. And that cover is pretty gorgeous, I'm not surprised it was used more than once. The one on the right's my favorite, though. Sparkly....

    Love the blog! I'm a new follower. :)

    -Kelly @

  6. Thanks for all the responses! I knew of stock images but never really thought that they would be so over used.

  7. I saw this, too, Andrea. I know that Stacey went through a very reputable design company and I have another friend who used them as well and they both ended up with stock images I've seen on other covers - as is the case above.

    Even professional cover designers use royalty free stock sites and yeah, unfortunately, anyone can grab it. I'm always afraid someone is going to find the Spellbound model. I searched sites for a week before I found her and passed her onto my cover designer. Someone once wanted me to tell her where I found it. I don't think so!

    What I like about Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter is you would never be able to recognize the original stock model, plus Naj added a scarf and knife and then all the background mountain and Northern Lights stuff.

    With book two she also did combining and adding so that helps prevent copycats. It gets more expensive though because in addition to paying my designer I have to purchase an extended license on each photo. So whereas the Spellbound cover was one stock image per cover(about $100 to license each) I'll have to pay for 2 models and a Northern Lights images on volume 2 of Aurora Sky - 3 images total to license out.

    Cha ching.

    Okay, that was a long comment. ;)

  8. Thanks for all the responses! I knew of stock images but never really thought that they would be so over used. gold buyer

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